by greycoopers

“It was when I was saying goodbye to my mum and dad.  {I saw in the Vendée Globe documentary afterwards} my dad kissed me on the forehead and I turned and walked away.  I had to go.  They looked at each other and that look was so telling.  And I thought to myself how totally selfish it is to sail solo around the world when you are achieving your dream but you leave others at home who can do nothing even when things go wrong – there’s nothing they can do.  And I thank them so much for that.  It hit me so hard that they just let me spread my wings and fly.”

Dame Ellen MacArthur – BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs – 4th October, 2009.

I admit that’s extreme, but it’s a great example of what parents are called to do.  To let your children go with your blessing to achieve their dreams.  It’s about trusting their judgement about what’s right for them, and not what’s comfortable for you.  Even when they fail.  Except that Ellen did not fail.  And she had the insight to see the sacrifice her parents made for her to spread her wings and fly.