by greycoopers

These are my Dacks Black Oxfords I purchased for my wedding.  I babied them for about a year, wearing them only for special occasions.  As they wore in and became even more comfortable I started wearing them all the time, sometimes daily for weeks on end.  When their soles wore out, I had them repaired again and again.  Each time they were restored by the hands of a skilled cobbler they felt like “new” shoes, and yet remained familiar comfortable friends.  Sixteen years on they are coming to the end of their lives.  Sadly Dacks no longer exists having succumbed to changing fashions and troubled markets in 2009.

Why am I writing about my Dacks?  Because they remind me that good things generally aren’t cheap, and cheap things usually aren’t good.  They may have cost the price of two or three pairs of lesser shoes in 1996, but they have outlasted many such pairs over that same period.  And carried me many comfortable miles to boot.