by greycoopers

“We try to achieve perfection in the classical world, but hearing this song I became aware of the power of imperfection.  He is not singing in perfect tune, but there’s a truth.  His words have weight because he’s living it, he’s lived it and it is coming from a very deep place.  And this song really reflects that moment of me being awakened to the power of imperfection.”

Akram Khan – Dancer

The song that Akram Khan is referring to is “Jesus’ blood never failed me yet”, a haunting soundtrack of a homeless man singing which composer Gavin Bryars has set to music.  Akram Khan is right; profundity can be found in imperfection but it is easily overlooked.  In fact, it takes particular insight to spot the hidden gem in the midst of the tattered, tired and unlovely.  Isn’t it true that we often look for beauty in all the wrong places?