by greycoopers

“Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve avoided having a clear ambition is because the second you stand up and point toward a horizon, you realize how much there is to lose.  It’s always been this way.”

Donald Miller.  “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.”

Every now and again I read an infuriating book; by that I mean one that is filled with so much insight that I am forced to stop at the end of almost every page to reflect on a new gem.  It’s exhausting.

This particular quote grabs me because it explains my predicament exactly.  I had almost convinced myself that ambition is distasteful.  After all, who likes those single minded people who run roughshod over you on their way to fulfilling their goals.  Truth is, as Don Miller points out, it’s fear that keeps me from having clearly articulated ambitions.  As soon as I commit to one, I am confronted with the possibility of failure, or worse, the ridicule of people whose affirmation I crave.  Or horrors (!), the pain imposed by the rigour which my ambition demands.  Wimp!