Increments (3)

by greycoopers

As you can tell from the fact that this is my third post titled “Increments” I love stories about how little things can make a big difference.  Here’s something I heard on a BBC Radio 4 Things We Forgot to Remember podcast titled “The Junkers of Woodbridge Airfield”.  In this story the crew of a Luftwaffe Junkers JU88 night fighter landed their aircraft at an East Anglian RAF base in July 1944 because its navigator mistook it for a friendly airfield in Northern Europe.  The rookie crew’s simple navigational error had thus handed the Allies a huge gift that would save thousands of British aircrew from death or capture in the final year of the WWII.

I’ll leave you to listen to the podcast to appreciate for yourself the enormous significance of this little event.  Suffice to say once again that we should be unsurprised to find significant things come from unexpected places.