“There is nothing like a doorbell to precipitate the potential into the kinetic. When you stand outside a door and push the button, something has to happen.  Someone must respond; whatever is inside must be revealed. Questions will be answered, uncertainties or mysteries dispelled. A situation will be started on its way through unknown complications to an unpredictable conclusion.  The answer to your summons may be a rush of tearful welcome, a suspicious eye at the crack of the door, a shot through the hardwood, anything.”

Walter Stegner: Crossing to Safety

I don’t know how I was put onto Stegner who is no longer living, and this book in particular which he wrote in 1987 about an earlier time.  But it’s catapulted to very near the top of my all time favourites. The above quote is just one of a dozen that caused me to pause and to marvel.  It’s at once exciting and depressing.  Exciting to know that there are more authors to discover and books to read  Depressing that I don’t have much “reading” time left.