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Month: December, 2019


New Year’s Day: Church Bells

by Malcolm Guite


Not the bleak speak of mobile messages,

The soft chime of synthesized reminders,

Not texts, not pagers, data packages,

Not satnav or locators ever find us

As surely, soundly, deeply as these bells

That sound and find and call us all at once

‘Ears of my ears’ can hear, my body feels

This call to prayer that is itself a dance.

So ring them out in joy and jubilation,

Sound them in sorrow tolling for the lost,

O let them wake the church and rouse the nation.

A sleeping lion stirred to life at last

Begin again they sing, again begin,

A ring and rhythm answered from within.


Sounding the Seasons, by Malcolm Guite


“Regret is a major component of the lived life. You have to look back. My regrets are like the stars, they are numberless and all the more beautiful because of their distance from me. I suppose that if you don’t regret things in life it means they haven’t touched you in some way.”

Heidi Thomas, Screenwriter

The year is winding to a close and soon enough I will be reflecting on 2019 and no doubt I will find a bushel or more of regrets lurking close to the surface. Thinking of them as celestial beings receding into time and space is comforting, but they will still be there winking at me causing the occasional physical twitch. I need to remember them as part of a lived life. Better to have lived and lost/failed/disappointed than not to have lived at all?

P.S. Mr Record Keeper – you say that I already been here, but that was Regrets and it was in September 2012, so I’m allowed.