by greycoopers

Wrote this the other day to a friend to mark his 58th birthday:

‘Here’s a happy thought for you, courtesy of British screenwriter and TV producer Russell T. Davies: “The world turns under the march of the feet of nice people”. I like that sentiment, true or not. And I’m learning to honour the weight of the word ‘nice’, overused and underappreciated. And of course I count you in the regiment of nice people I know.

Blessings on your birthday. Eat cake with your morning coffee!’

On reflection I think it is a true sentiment.  Nice is variously defined as virtuous, subtle, fine, agreeable, and polite.  All elements that need defending in a time when crude, unscrupulous, self-aggrandizing rascals find widespread admiration.  Life would be intolerable without the company of Nice people.