“I take sounds in the air and use them.  I write music that people will enjoy singing.  I’m not ashamed of that.  I am a magpie.  I think composers are divided into two types.  There are explorers whose destiny is to discover new sounds, and I think there are those like me who are very happy to use all the sounds and ideas that are there and to make a personal synthesis of them.  And so I don’t think I’ve trodden new paths, I’m afraid.  But people do tell me that my music sounds like me.”  John Rutter

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while, as a place to collect my thoughts and to share them with friends and family – particularly my children.  What has stopped me from doing so is the certain knowledge that I have nothing inherently original to say.  By definition, everything I find interesting comes from something I’ve read or heard.

And then I came upon John Rutter’s liberating comment about synthesis.  That’s exactly what this blog is about – an attempt at an authentic personal synthesis of what I find interesting.  I trust that the thousands of posts that will hopefully follow this one will all “sound like me”.